Keeping It Local

Keeping It Local
Dam Chicken Storefront

Keeping It Local

You may have noticed that our website references a number of local companies that we source our food from. A few examples include our Mac and Cheese which is made from 2 year aged sharp cheddar from Widmer’s Cheese. All our produce comes from Alsum farms. Our beer cheese sauce combines cheese from Widmer’s with Hola beer from Ooga and our pieced chicken comes from Neesvigs. So why go through the effort and expense of trying to keep I local?

We care about the community we are a part of. We want it and everyone here to be as successful as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to contribute to our community and keeping our income as local as possible provides jobs and resources for the very members of our community that in turn buy our food. It takes time and effort to create fresh food from scratch instead of just buying something from a national distributor and throwing it in the oven, but we think it’s worth it.

We care about the environment. Food harvested in another state or country and then shipped to us in Beaver Dam takes tremendous amounts of energy and has a large carbon footprint. By sourcing our food as locally as possible not only are we helping our local farmers who are also we hope our customers, but we make sure that the energy required to produce and get the food to us is as environmentally friendly as possible.

We take it a step further than just trying to source as much of our food locally as possible. The building remodel and all of our upkeep is also done by local craftsman. The people who have built and maintain our current space and those working on our new outdoor patio are all from here. Many of them eat our food and we hope will enjoy the space they are working to create.

Speaking of our outdoor patio – keeping it local doesn’t always mean just buying things locally. Sometimes it also means investing in our community in other ways. Our outdoor patio isn’t just a flat space with tables and chairs. We are trying to create an outdoor garden area that we hope beautifies what is otherwise just a parking lot. We are introducing plants and trees to help make our environment better.

We hope that you will come down and enjoy the food and the space. With luck the patio will be open in July. If you have any questions or comments, we always welcome your feedback.

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